I am currently working at Trifacta.

I was previously a Node.js software engineer at Zendesk. I wrote their real-time notification infrastructure (Radar) and many other things.

Before that I was a doctoral student (Information Systems Science) at Aalto University School of Economics. I have a Masters in Cognitive Science from Helsinki University, and am proud to be a United World College graduate.

Books I've written (freely available)

Code highlights github/mixu >>

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    npm packages I've written npmjs.org >>

    • gluejs. Build CommonJS modules for the browser via a chainable API.
    • miniee. An EventEmitter-like client and server side library for routing events w/regexps.
    • nwm. Dynamic window manager for X11.
    • pixiedust. RESTful lazy chainable API generator.
    • requireincontext. Wrapper to require() js files in a custom context.


    • On single page apps at HTML5Conf 2012 in SF
    • On real-time at larger scale at NodeConf 2012 in Portland
    • On Node and Socket.io at Zendesk at Node.js Club SF on November 30th 2011 in San Francisco
    • On Node.js at Frontend.fi on May 11th 2011 in Helsinki